Mobile Apps


Everywhere you look people are talking about mobile apps and this is a trend that is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Having developed apps for Channel 5’s Gadget Show the team at One Result can understand your business and its mobile needs to help deliver industry-leading apps to your chosen platforms on budget. All with a level of polish that few of our competitors can match.

Over the past 2 years we have seen people wanting apps developed just to say “we’ve got an app”. Fortunately that is shifting now as we work with our clients to deliver a valuable mobile experience to their customers focusing on creating apps that are beautiful to look at and simple to use.

As you can see from our portfolio of mobile apps anything is possible. We have developed a wide array of apps for numerous different industries. From safety applications like Stay Safe, POS applications for Retail, document management apps for the construction industry through to light hearted children’s apps such as Welly Wanger and Magic Whiteboard.

We design and develop apps natively for iOS, Android devices, as well as cross-platform apps that work across a wide range of smartphone devices.

What type of Mobile App do I need?

We work with lot of companies to assist with the development of their mobile strategy and one question that comes up time and time again is what type of app do I need?

Apple iOS App

Apple really started the app revolution and users on this platform have a much much higher propensity than Android users to download apps and spend money. If revenue or downloads are your key metrics then apps for iOS devices is definitely the place to start.

Apple apps are written in Objective-C and can be made available through the app store for consumers, or for business focused apps can be distributed to specified devices within and organisation. All apps that are listed on Apples App Store require approval from Apple to ensure they conform to strict guidelines a process which can take from 5-7 days typically, we are proud to say an One Result developed app has never been rejected from the app store.

Android App

Android is gaining huge traction at the moment and if your looking at pure handset numbers then Android is on top with over 60% of the smartphone market. Designing and developing for Android has more challenges than iOS due to the sheer number of different devices available and fragmentation in the platform.

Android Apps are developed using the Android SDK which is Java based. The main distribution point for Android Apps is the Google Play store which has no approval process and means your app can be live within a few hours of deployment.

With the continued growth of this platform and the price point of new tablets like the Nexus 7 at £149 there is no doubt Android will be a major force and a must be destination for apps in the next 12 months.

Cross Platform App

Due to iOS and Android apps being developed in different languages it means that if you want to be on both platforms with a native app you need to build to separate apps.

There is now an alternative to this which also provides the ability to rollout your app on Windows and Blackberry devices as well.

Cross platform apps are written using various wrapper technologies but are essentially just HTML5 and Javascript.

The benefit of Cross Platform Apps is obviously you open up your app to a much wider audience and development costs vs getting all native apps developed are significantly reduced. However it’s not that simple, in order to provide a solution that works across all these platforms there is an impact on what phone features can be accessed using this technology and the user experience is often not as polished with interface and screen transitions sometimes appearing clunky.

Cross Platform apps are best suited to simple data capture and calculation apps where maximizing the audience and budget are major considerations. An example of a cross platfrom app developed by One Result is the Uncles App.

If you would like to find out more about how One Result could help you with your Mobile app development requirements please feel free to submit an enquiry or call us on 0121 224 7701.