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One Result are one of the leading digital agencies in the UK, featuring a team of specialist iPad app developers creating iPad applications for leading brands and innovative start-ups.

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One of the newest and most game-changing devices of recent years, the iPad has had a tremendous impact on the way we use and think about the internet. It has changed the face of mobile browsing and applications. Get your brand ahead of the pack with our innovative iPad development.

With over three billion downloads since the launch of the App Store there has never been a better time to engage with iPad apps in order to reach new and existing customers. Apps can be extremely successful because they can help people in their everyday actions. An app can find a restaurant and calculate the bill between 13 people, let you check in early, entertain your children or provide up to the minute, personalised information. Not only can you profit from app sales, your company is in the mind of your customer, enabling you to market your brand wherever your app is used.

When first launched many of its detractors felt that it was just a ‘big iPhone’, and you can understand that point of view until you hold it in your hands and actually play with it. The larger screen allows an entirely different way of interacting with content than you can get with a device the size of a mobile phone. Because of that iPads are ideal when you have users who need to engage directly with your content, either in creation, modification of exploration. Visit our iPad app development page for more information.

The opportunities for great apps are only constrained by your imagination, and with a growing global audience, a good app has the potential of providing excellent returns. Apps can be relevant to any sector including retail, finance, education, leisure, games and more.

iPad Unique Features

With the iPad 2, for the first time, it became the most powerful iOS product from Apple and as such its possibilities expanded tremendously.
To really harness the power of the iPad we will work with you to bring your app to life in ways that just cannot be done on a phone sized device; making the most use of the form factor and screen size, as well as harnessing the additional User eXperience (UX) versatility that is unique to this device.

Users tend to use iPads when they are not on the move and can spend more time interacting and exploring your app.
Because of the large ‘canvas’ available to display your content you have a unique chance to take advantage of this and give them a vastly more immersive experience than you would expect on an iPhone.

iPad apps have many benefits:

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