Uh-Oh. Where Did My Adwords Reports Go?

Getting to Know the New Adwords Reports System

In the summer Google warned us via the Adwords interface that the reports section as we knew it would be removed forever. And this induced mass panic, with people buying up stocks of bottled water and tinned tuna, to hideout in the mountains until normality resumed. No, not really, but it was a rather major change. Thankfully you can still run the reports as we remember them. Here’s how to locate the reports in their new places and some examples of really important ones to be running on a regular basis.

Until the change, we were accustomed to visiting the “Report Centre” on the Reports and Tools tab. Now the reports are all accessible from within the main sections directly in the campaigns tab: Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords and Networks. Just look for this symbol:

One Result PPC

This will bring up the options that you have for reporting on this tab. The report will automatically focus on the time period you are viewing in the campaigns tab, so make sure this is set to the period you are interested in.

PPC at OneResult

In order to look at the reports compared against the different metrics you are interested in, you must select the appropriate segment to view. As you can see, there is now a wide selection you can choose from, including day of the week for identifying weekly buying cycles, right up to Year and down to Exact Match Impression share. Using this drop down you can also schedule reports to be run and emailed, as before.

PPC Reporting Advice from OneResult

Running Key Adwords Reports the New Way

Since I am running out of time, I better keep this to the top 3.

Account Reports

These are always useful to get an overall snapshot of the campaigns, especially if you want to keep daily tabs on a volatile campaign, where quick decisions need to be made. To access this reporting feature, you need to enable the Dimensions section from the Campaigns tab. Look for the drop down arrow next to the Networks tab and select Dimensions. Then look for the report download button and select the segment through which you want to view your data. Voila!

Search Query Reports

As PPC Hero has already said, if you aren’t running these reports you should start now. Not only does this give you a fascinating, psychological insight into the words people choose when looking for your product, it shows you when your ads have been shown for irrelevant searches. Check the actual search terms which have triggered your ad, especially if you are using any broad match keywords, and add irrelevant search queries as negative search terms. This is also a great way of identifying keywords that did not come up in the initial research, or something to work into keyword research when you take over the management of new accounts.

Network reports

Very similar to keyword reports, when you have a campaign set to run on automatic placements, this is where you should come to weed out the irrelevant sites. Regularly tending to the network flowerbed in this way will make sure you are able to target the most relevant sites, garner the best click through rates and get the best conversion rates.

Although there isn’t time to go over them all here, I would also stress the importance of the demographic research that can be done using the Demographic and Geographic reports.

All your reports will download automatically in your browser, but they are still accessible through the Control Panel and Library, where reports can be repeated, recreated, emailed and scheduled.

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