Top 10 Latest Social Networking Trends

I’ve found some current social networking trends that I’d like to share with you all. I scout the web daily to get inspiration and to find out what’s currently trending so that I can try keep up with this rapidly changing industry. I’ve listed some must see pieces for you here. Enjoy!

1. Ikea – Happy to Bed
Ikea UK have launched a great social experience on their YouTube channel using Facebook Connect to support their ‘Happy to Bed’ campaign. The environment is built up from comments on your Facebook wall and then guides you through a rendered 3D room incorporating photos from your Facebook photo albums. You then have the option to add the items from your room to a temporary shopping cart. A leader on my cool wall at the moment!

Ikea Happy to Bed Social Media Post

2. Primeval – New Series on Watch
Here’s a YouTube takeover to publicise series 5 of the hit TV show Primeval on the Watch channel. Dinosaurs break through the YouTube interface, immersing the user in a shoot-em-up video game. Once you complete the game, you have the option to post your score to Facebook and Twitter too.

Primeval Youtube Social Media Post

3. Intel – The Museum of Me
Connect with Facebook and Intel’s ‘Museum of Me‘ will pull in your wall posts and photos to create a visual, museum-style archive of your social life. Deservedly, it’s the winner of TheFwa’s site of the month:

Intel Museum of Me Social Media Post

A few other pieces on my cool wall that are definitely worth checking out:
4. Adidas – All Event
5. Intel – The Escape
6. Facebook Mini Maps
7. Facebook Connect – New Mercedes-Benz SLK Roadster
9. Heineken Facebook Event
10. Absolut Glimmer on Twitter

This post was by the talented Emma Morris on One Result’s Web Design Birmingham team. If you’re looking to innovate or rejuvenate your brand, get in touch!

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